Sex and Minors

We all know that after the age of 13 most young men and women of that age want and enjoy sex. We tend to think of them as innocent but all their faculties work do they not?

For many years puberty is the sign that a woman is ready for sex so is it correct that we limit this natural behavior only to someone their age?

I think if the prophet Mohammed can find it acceptable then there has to be a place for acceptance in this day. Not every man or woman who wants to have sex with younger people is creepy. We all look whether we admit it or not, if not for the law we would probably touch given the opportunity. Publishing this anonymously I leave this all up to fiction and of course it IS fiction. I have only played with young women in my dreams. What I am getting at though is should we actually change the age limits so responsible adults can love younger teenage/adults? Shouldn't the law reflect how we actually behave?

Living in Sweden sex is a little more free and you don't need to worry so much about sleeping with a 14 or 16 year old, they want it or they want money.

Why not allow young men and women to safely satisfy those needs without criminalizing it?

What is your take?

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