I Was Non-Violently Raped And I’m Not Sure How To Feel About It
Suz Tucker

Sorry you were raped. Someone who takes when a person says no is wrong.

However, that being said, what responsibility do you take in all of this? A stranger who makes out with a chick and invites her back after alcohol and she goes?

It is wrong to rape like it is wrong to rob a person, worse of course. But it I take a drink, flash my wallet in a back alley or in *the hood* what part of this is not considered a moral hazard when I want to file a claim for insurance?

You have a responsibility to protect yourself from reprehensible people and you did not do this. The rape is not your fault but your philosophy of making out with strangers drunk certainly is a MORAL risk you might need to consider for protecting yourself against rapist in the future. Some find women this irresponsible as easy pickings. This does not make it right. I just makes it reality. Rapist will never understand NO. Thieves sexual or material will never respect personal property. It is on YOU to protect YOUR belongings (don't flash cash around strangers, it is the same for not flashing ass.) Sorry you learned this in the worse way possible.

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