A Little Bit About Living Alone

I was in a mood of a very light topic tonight. The title looks like it carries 73Kgs, a lot of chubbiness, weight of thoughts and dreams! Yes, it does. But I’m not going into depth today! Today I’m just going to talk about things I can think about in next 3 minutes that I’ve learned by living alone.

Just because you live alone doesn’t mean you won’t cook good food. Food is love. Cooking can be relaxing. It will make you happier than you thought it would. I cook cool things, specially on sundays.

It’s okay to NOT have things you don’t need. Trust me, I don’t have a mirror. I’ve a small one to put my lenses on but that’s it. I don’t need it. I don’t need to have it. My Snapchat is my mirror. :D

If you need to take care just of yourself, everything can be adjusted. I cooked in tea-kettle for a week when my induction wasn’t working. I made oats, khichdi, tea and maggi.

Your phone can be one of your best friends. Yes! I go through Pinterest humor board when I’m sad. I watch YouTube videos to feel motivated and if I feel need to share something I’m doing, I Snapchat it.

You can do absolutely anything you want. This can either make you responsible or can ruin your life. Depends on side where the force is strong. May be odds be in your favour!

Also, no one has the power to wake you up if you’re in deep sleep. Set that damn alarm and keep your phone charged.

Living alone isn’t difficult. It changes you in a lot of ways. Most importantly you get used to not dealing with bullshit. This doesn’t come handy at all when you have to live with others. And when you know you can do it alone, you become extremely fearless. World must fear this fearlessness.

If you live alone too, tell me what’s that one thing that you have learned living alone which has changed the way you look at life? I’m all ears. Over to you.

This post hasn’t been proof-read, edited, or review. It is a part of imperfect challenge. Have you written your imperfect post yet?

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