Facts, only facts.

Be yourself. 
They say be yourself, be you, be what you are and a lot of similar things and that’s probably the most complex and difficult to implement advice that I’ve ever received. Maybe I’ve given it too.

Be yourself leads to this questions — Who am I? And most of us are still figuring it out. The fact is you’re never going to be one thing, you’re going to change, you’re always going to be something different than you were a moment ago and you definitely are going to keep becoming something or something else.

How are you going to stay authentic?

On Social Media being authentic means who you are right now in that moment without any exaggeration, without stealing tweets, without being fake — Oh I love this so much (only later your fans and followers find out that it was a paid post).

Being authentic doesn’t mean be yourself. It means to be transparent, honest and true to your personal brand.

As an authentic individual on Social Media I will

  • Stick to my natural tone.
  • Show the world the real me.
  • Make sure that my audience knows that what they see on Social Media is the highlight reel of my life and I am more than that.
  • Connect only with the folks who are like-minded and add value to my life.

If you’re not authentic, sooner or later they will see through it and this will destroy your online brand.

The definition of authenticity for brands vs. individuals is different and here I’m just talking about individuals.

Why do you need authenticity?

  • To build your personal brand.
  • To be ready when you come up with something (a business, an idea, a product) and have support of your fans and followers.
  • To gain trust of your fellow netizens who don’t know you in real life.
  • Because Social Media is a big part of our lives now and being fake doesn’t do any good to you.
Don’t be yourself, be the best version of who you are right now. That is enough.

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