Give it time

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

8 years ago I started my career as a Social Media marketeer. No that’s not what I joined the company as. I was a Marketing assistant and my job was to manage a small community.

I started managing a Facebook Page. Inviting every single friend to like it and posting 3 posts a day Monday to Saturday.

I had no content calendar, no concept of Social media strategy and no content strategy. Everyday I’d come to work. Sit and think of three things I could post. Use some random tools to create content and post it. It sometimes took me more than 9 hours to come up with the idea, create and post.

It all sounds funny now.

Today, I have my content calendar, a clear content strategy and a well set Social Media schedule. I scheduled 52 Tweets, 21 Facebook posts, 5 Instagram posts (all unique and fresh) and all this took 3.5 hours.

Sometimes we are clueless, have less exposure to the right tools, think way too much and keep doing the same task the same way because stopping and learning something new feels like either waste of time or it means working a little extra which is not always ideal…. phew….

I am glad that now I have better knowledge of tools, better understanding of the market and more sense of planning that has helped me accomplish things in a better way 💪

I cried on my day 5 as a Social Media manager, felt like it wasn’t for me. I was wrong.

You’re not going to be Superstar Social Media Manager in a day or 2 or 15, give it time. You’ll get there.

I write byte-sized Social Media related posts every day. Please 👏 if you think more folks should read these. I love talking so drop a comment if you feel like 💛

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