Going back to the basics

Photo by Ember + Ivory on Unsplash

Your mind is cluttered. There are too many thoughts and you can’t just concentrate on one thing. That’s us, almost all day everyday.

Now, when you look at Social Media you see fancy pictures some heavily edited, some with captions that might have taken hours to be written. We live in the cluttered world of web content.

You might have gone through posts full of advises, posts telling you what your marketing strategy should be, what you content strategy should be, what should you post and things that you didn’t know that you needed to know.

How does it help you? 
Does it make you a better marketeer? 
Or does it stop you from coming up with an original thought?

In the world of competitor analysis, excessive data and too many strategies we might have forgotten the basics.

2019 is going to be about videos. But if you can’t really make unique, interesting, eye-catching, inspirational, meaningful videos, you should consider doing something different. What’s that different? That’s up to you.

Everyone is sharing that meme. That meme is so popular you need to ride on it but if you can’t come up with something that helps you connect that meme to your brand. Don’t do it. Consider doing something else. What else? That’s up to you.

It’s all about AI and chatbots but if they’re not for you. They’re not for you.

It is time to unlearn some of those strategies and to start working on building the base.

Once in a while we all need to go back to where we started from and re-shape our journey.

Unclutter. Unlearn. Learn. Move forward.

So will you go back to the basics?

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