Finally you can turn them off !

Instagram has been making big inroads lately with tackling abuse, both the abuse directed towards people and abuse that someone might inflict on themselves.

Today Instagram has announced that it is rolling out new commenting mechanisms that will now allow you to completely turn off comments on any given post. You will of course also be able to turn comments back on at will should you need to.

Next you are now going to have the ability to heart (like) specific comments left by users. I would still love to see a way to show your dislike for a comment as well, something similar to on Facebook.

Comments are where the majority of conversation happens on Instagram. While comments are largely positive, they’re not always kind or welcome. Previously, we launched the ability to filter comments based on keywords. This was an important step in giving you more control over your comments experience. However, there are two more features we think will improve this experience.

Finally you will soon also be able to report posts that you think might show that the poster is going to self harm, this will be anonymous though so don’t worry.

Instagram says:

Finally, we want to continue to be a place where people can share deeply personal moments. From time to time, you may see friends struggling and in need of support. If you believe that someone you care about may be thinking about injuring themselves, you can report it anonymously, and we will connect your friend to organizations that offer help. We have teams working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, around the world to review these reports.

For more info on these changes and other changes head over to their post here.

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