I am exhausted, unenthused, unmotivated, and increasingly disengaged.

I can’t work without being second-guessed, micromanaged, thrown under the bus, and occasionally mocked.

My concerns are ignored, argued with, written off, and sometimes withheld out of fear that it will lead to chastisement.

My health plan doesn’t cover therapy for mental health issues other than medication. I don’t feel I should need to medicate to suffer a bad job.

Yes, this is a slide into depression. This is pretty normal for me, as aggravatingly matter-of-fact as that sounds. This time of year gets hectic as so many projects rush to try to complete in the midst of our annual Open Enrollment event’s timeline-destroying change freeze, which leads to stress, which leads to depression.

Still waiting on this phone to ring. Too many resumes out, too little response.