Information Security Trends for 2018!


The IT security world is changing at a constant pace. Television, newspapers, magazines, and news sharing websites are cluttered with statements and headlines about the latest security breaches where data is either compromised or lost.

The actual picture!

The fact is that hackers, attackers, and other similar criminals are good at this game of security and are ahead of industry leaders. There are some harsh yet very core realities and challenges that are faced by IT security experts on a daily basis.

They are still hunting:

So far in 2017, cyber attackers and hackers have been coming up with new approaches to get unauthorised access to sensitive data of different organizations and firms that were on their hit list for various reasons.

The means and approaches used for the attack remain the same, i.e. DDOS (denial of service) together with malware and malicious attacks with intent to get hands-on data exploitation. Attackers, most of them, are keen on generating revenue. However, 2017 observed altered approaches from attackers focused on information exploitation.

The approaches are going through constant makeshifts. Advancements in technology have provided criminals with novel opportunities to demonstrate their unenthusiastic skills.

The influx of IoT (internet of things), cloud storage and mobile applications has opened new gateways for gaps and vulnerabilities in systems that are not patched by conventional data security methods.

New avenues and opportunities are readily available to such criminals that allow them to access and manipulate sensitive information. One must be mindful, aware and on top of such trends that are developing with consistency.

Your response will matter!

Operating in the dynamic and advanced markets of the UAE will require you to ensure that all important and reliable backup is offered by information security Dubai based specialists.

Backed by state of the art security technology tools, processes and solutions, they can make a huge difference by making the business life easy for you and enabling you to focus on growth.

Social engineering:

Based on our social media activities, and the information we make public by sharing it on social media, it is perfectly engineered in the form of a backbone story formulation.

Focused on exploiting human vulnerabilities, social engineering enables criminals to get access to sensitive data and systems. Phishing can be used as a good example here as it is the most common form of social engineering.

IoT and cloud security:

We are becoming casual and lazy, easy life is what we are interested in and what else could better match this need of ours other than easy accessibility and interconnection. Cloud technology and IoT (internet of things) make our lives easy a great deal, however, one simply cannot overlook the associated security questions that still exist.

Vendor security:

How to manage security issues when our company’s operations are outsourced to third-party solution providers/vendors? This is a growing concern for many entrepreneurs. To stay on top of this concern, software-based monitoring and tools, which are utilized to automate the monitoring process, would be one’s best bet as this will enable one to monitor vendor security continuously.

Reconsider: data prevention, not data protection:

Expert information security solution providers in the United Kingdom are of the view that companies should not move on with a reactive mindset, where they act when their sensitive data or systems are being attacked.

Traditional methods usually work traditionally, while advanced market trends are demanded out of the box. Smart and unique solutions are necessary for one to be on top.

Cyber security UK oriented solutions are offered by IT security specialists, however, they are not shy to share their concerns about the casual mindset that most companies’ posses. There, the idea is to install basic firewalls (downloaded free in most cases) and forget about the security issue. One as a proactive and smart operator, according to them, would need to move on with a preventive mindset and not a reactive one.

Wrapping up!

The reinforcement of smart and timely security habits, such as careful information sharing practices with employees, safe passwords and close monitoring of the processes and functions will turn things into gold and one will find it easy to stay away from the troubled zones.