Invalid Religious Terms, Invalid Offences and How to actually be helpful

Warning, offensive comments may be present, do or do not read. Your choice, no one is making you read this.

If you believe God or Allah is the proper name for what ever almighty being exists, you probably have a limited mind. Our faith in what may exist is the only variable to their menacing existence. The lack of evidence does not mean one or the other exists, it is the lack of anything proves how little we actually know about the world. For all we know the being was once like us before evolving or simply was born in it’s form. The puzzle may even be beyond our comprehension. “I believe we should always keep an open mind, doors may open.” However some people in the public world love to act like god, cough…

It will be important to learn how not to get offended by anything. There are certain questionable thing you can, but the law is already pretty well clear on them now. The next time Starbucks makes a red cup for Christmas, hold your breath instead of whining. At least then, the real problems can be addressed for ex: the CIA misusing power and going beyond the original mandate. If someone has a bomb and threatens you, than that is okay to whine, does not mean they will feel sorry that your offended. It looks like the only reason to whine is to get attention, and causes more negative responses.

And now for the fun part. Everyone knows how to help, but donating to a cause should be done carefully. You think sending money makes you good person is not always right. Let’s say Joe starts a foundation to help survivors of a major deadly storm. Joe is rich, famous and involved in politics. Later, it turns out Joe used that money to launch his new presidential campaign, how do you feel about Joe now. Instead, donate supplies by official aid corps. proven to help and even volunteer some time.

This article is practice for later to come, no content is directed anyone individual. Please, leave comments (not about how offended you are). This is not News, more of an opinionated article.- ITP

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