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The essentials to remember before you prototype!

As Berlin product agency, we’re big believers in the build-measure-learn loop. We also believe in sharing our methodology — so here are our top tips to help you prototype, as written by Senior Product Designer Daniel Bollien.


  • Set your goals and KPIs for the testing and know the questions you want to answer. If you don’t have them set before the test, you cannot tell if the prototype passed your quality gates.
  • Set yourself a time limit before building the prototype. …

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When you love coffee and want to learn more about hardware… why not hack your coffee machine? It was the perfect challenge for ITR8 Product Designer Ruben der Kinderen.

The brief

To make his Bezzera Magica coffee machine smarter, ‘espresso geek’ Ruben wanted to fix two problems:

Firstly, the one-hour wait required to heat the machine to the right temperature — which meant no spontaneous espressos!

Secondly, the automatic switch-off when the machine was out of water — which even happened when it was pouring coffee!

Our approach

1. Use smart devices. To solve the one-hour wait, Ruben used the Belkin Smart Socket and…

How to survive your first hackathon.

Most people think hackathons are a bunch of nerds hunched over their laptops and getting high on energy drinks... which is 99% accurate.

At product agency ITR8, we prefer to get our hands dirty when learning the latest digital trends. To better understand the world of IoT, our Product Designer Ruben der Kinderen went to BOSCH Connected Experience (BCX) — the biggest IoT hackathon in Europe. Together with electrical engineer and information systems researcher Aida Boukhris, he built a smart inventory system for offices.

Here are his top learnings from the experience:

Clear your schedule.

At least…

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Our top picks from the world’s biggest digital fair, CeBIT.

As a digital product agency, we get excited about the tech of the future. So we went to CeBIT to meet with the brightest minds of the industry. From genius robots to RFID implants, here are our top takeaways...

Spies are everywhere.

Edward Snowden said the ongoing collection of meta data is providing the perfect record of our private lives. From our Google searches to our online purchases, we can be tracked (and hacked) at all times. Should we be worried our microwave is spying on us? Maybe.

Robots are already smarter than us.

AI software is now…

We are ITR8.


A product agency turning clever ideas into successful products.

Like most Berliners, we love Club Mate. We’re deeply embedded in the Berlin startup scene, and love prototyping as much as we love to dance at Berghain. But we admit, we don’t always follow the clichés. Sometimes we work so hard on our user personas, they become our imaginary friends.

Intrigued? Find out how we can help your business thrive…

Time doesn’t stand still for start-up pup, Milo. From greeting visitors to planning events, here is his typical day at Berlin product agency, ITR8.

8am: Wake up.
Morning coffee with my mum Judith, ITR8 Program Manager.

8.45am: Chauffeured to work.
I ride in the back seat, and take in the Kreuzberg views. I wave to the other office dogs along the way.

9.15am: Greet the team.
I give every team member a proper greeting upon arrival. Plenty of barking, tail wagging and puppy-dog eyes.

Generalist and Senior Product Manager at ITR8, Jan Eric Kühne.

There is a common saying — Jack of all trades, master of none. But in the start-up world, someone with diverse skills and broad knowledge can be a huge asset.

At product agency ITR8, we need employees who are flexible and can work between departments… people like Jan Eric Kühne. Proud ‘generalist’ and Senior Product Manager, he’s the mediator helping everyone to see the bigger picture.

1. How did you evolve into a Product Manager?

Ever since I was young, I was interested in design and good at coding. I worked as a print designer before studying Media Informatics at university.

At university, I founded a small digital agency…

ITR8 Berlin

We are a digital product agency converting clever ideas into successful products. We use prototyping and idea validation to accelerate your business.

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