Is ITTP TEFL a scam?

4 min readFeb 21, 2015


By Neville David Thomas at ITTP TEFL Online.

Dear Reader.

ITTP TEFL is not a scam.

If ITTP TEFL was a scam then we wouldn’t have been in business for over 11 years to date, and looking forward to the next 11.

It has been brought to our attention that an individual (Mr Kyle Joseph Britto) and a competing TEFL school, which we and other competing schools in Prague and beyond have tiresomely experienced ongoing issues with over the years, have been in unison— and under various aliases; both their own and anonymously — writing defamatory posts online regarding ITTP TEFL to push their (targeted) negative agenda.

It has been written and published that ITTP TEFL is a scam, that we fake reviews, that we are in control of TEFL review websites, and my personal name has been attacked online as part of this virtual aggression.

We understand that the Prague TEFL market is a very competitive one, but we felt that the comments had jumped way over the line and that we should make some form of official reply as we have nothing to hide; we run a reputable international TEFL/TESOL certification program and have helped thousands of TEFL/TESOL graduates realize their teaching dreams over the years, and will in the years to come too.

ITTP TEFL is not a scam.

ITTP TEFL runs the websites: (kept online purely for the Online TEFL link at the top of the page.)

We run no other websites.

The irony in all this is that the majority of these online plants have been directed at trying to discredit the ITTP TEFL Prague program, but since the spring of 2014 we have no longer been running Onsite Residential courses in Prague at our Prague Narodni 21 classroom and no longer accepting Onsite Residential course applications — wishing instead to focus 100% on our award winning and very well-received Int.Cert TEFL/TESOL Online and Combined course options.

Since we now offer exclusively the online and combined courses, the address where we ran our onsite course prior to the spring of 2014 is no longer a functioning classroom and simply where ITTP is officially and legally registered (in accordance with local Czech law.) We felt that by saving on unnecessary office space and at the same time lowering course prices because of the additional savings, that this was beneficial for the most important piece of the jigsaw of our business: the customer.

We are currently the number 1 rated course on, an independent site which only accepts verified reviews which have been written and submitted by real graduates of the program.

Kyle Britto became a client of the ITTP TEFL Prague (Onsite) program, when in the summer of 2013 he submitted an application to ITTP for a November 2013 (first choice of month course date.) That winter in 2013 we found ourselves affected by forces beyond our control and unfortunately 3 students from the November 2013 course were automatically transferred to the January course, and were of course notified 6 weeks prior to the November course start date and offered alternative course options or additional discounts as compensation for the inconvenience. From time to time all Onsite TEFL schools do need to bump students over to a different course date; it isn’t something schools like to do, but we learned from the previous year (November 2012) that agreeing to allow more students onto a course than advertised was a very poor choice of decision making. In November 2013 one of the students fully understood, but Kyle was adamant that he come study in November and soon after the empty legal threats and personal threats to members of our staff began their trickle; turning into a river when our competitor in question offered Kyle a super-discounted course place with his school (it has been suggested I have read online that this was probably tax-free?) and hence forth the barrage of online attacks. We did fully apologize to Kyle. We did fully understand his position. We did fully try and resolve the matter with him. We did remain professional and true to our Onsite course Terms and Conditions which all applicants had to read before submitting their ITTP TEFL Prague application (no small print.) We did wish Kyle all the best with his teaching English career, we still do, and Kyle knows that if any of his friends of family members, or anyone he knows wishes to receive a complimentary internationally recognized Online or Combined TEFL/TESOL course(s) with international job guidance, then they are free to contact us for further information.

ITTP offers:

Int.CertTEFL/TESOL 60 hour Fast-Track (online course) Int.CertTEFL/TESOL 100 hour Integrative (online course) Int.CertTEFL/TESOL 130 hour All Inclusive (combined online/onsite course, with the option of teaching practice either in Prague or where you live)

Thank you for your time and for listening.

Neville David Thomas (Online Managing Director)

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