The Moments I Live For

There are moments in life when a lot happens in a little.

It is in these moments when I look back and count the hundreds of little things to be remembered.

And then I step outside the memory box and realize only three days had passed.

This past weekend at Zouk ME, the Brazilian Zouk festival in San Francisco, was one such moment.

Brazilian zouk has quickly become my favorite style of dance in the past 2 years. It allows for a freedom through an unrivaled level of nuance.

Zouk not only looks like a physical rollercoaster — but it feels like an emotional one as well. It is the epitome of intimacy and vulnerability in a social dance.

I spent three days with a special group of people. We learned dance technique all day and opened our hearts to each other all night. We slept 10 in a small apartment and repeated it all again the next day.

There were many little things.

Cooking for the entire apartment Saturday — pesto omelettes for breakfast and chicken tortellini for dinner. This brought us closer together.

Competing in the jack and jill — the social dance competition. This encouraged us to step outside of our comfort zones.

Performing in a zouk flashmob at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. This showcased our passion in public.

Getting to dance with my incredibly talented and incredibly humble Zouk inspirations William and Paloma. This inspires me to continue improving my dancing as I move forward.

Connecting on a deeper level with so many wonderful human beings. This healed me in so many ways.

There was a moment Monday morning at 4am. The last song finished. Everyone was half-zombie from sleep deprivation. We began cleaning up and saying goodbyes.

It was in this moment that all the little things came together inside me. I sat down and began to cry.

I had no idea why I was crying at first. Then it occurred to me that I was crying out of a deep unconscious gratitude for all of these little things.

I was crying because I was happy to be alive and able to experience such beauty.

I was crying because these are the moments I live for.

All this beauty in only three days.

If only every day could be like this.

I will do my best to make everyday as beautiful as these three days. Through a daily blog. Through dance. Through whatever means are inside me.

**Call To Action**

What are the moments you live for? Comment below!



About the Author: Imaan “PapaFuegz” Taghavi is the Founder of the Omni Movement, an endeavor to make improvised partner dancing, or social dancing, more accessible to you and the rest of the world.

He writes blogs to share his journey and inspire you in yours.

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