Spotlight on Royal Arsenal Osteopathic Practice

With an established practice in Woolwich and another going to be opened in Plumstead; Royal Arsenal Osteopathic Practice are working hard to take great care of our well-being, offering osteopathy, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, sports massage and exercise rehab.

You can contact them and find out more on their Facebook, Twitter and website.

I put some quick questions to Teri Turner, Owner and Head Osteopath at the Royal Arsenal Osteopathic Practice:

Meet Teri!

How can your business help with health and well-being?

Osteopathy’s central principle is that a person’s well-being depends on the harmonious synchronisation and health of their musculoskeletal system. Osteopathic treatment is aimed to restore function to the body and this in turn promotes overall good health and well-being. Osteopaths have a holistic approach and therefore can also guide in areas such as diet and exercise.

What is your best wellness tip?

Sleep. Drink. Breathe. There is not enough emphasis on these three free activities. People often don’t give themselves the recommended 8 hours of quality, restorative sleep, drink enough water and really breathe using their diaphragm fully. Each of these alone can really have an impact on your health over time.

What do you love about your local area?

The Plumstead Pantry does THE best coffee in London. Luckily I live around the corner!

Thanks very much to Teri for taking the time to speak with me and if you haven’t yet checked out their brilliant blog, then give it a look.

With their new practice now open, exciting times lay ahead. Book your appointment online now.