Spotlight on Royal Resistance

Training indoors in Royal Arsenal and outdoors at Wellington Park, you’ll find the brilliant Royal Resistance offering fun and friendly fitness sessions for all levels during the week:

  • Mondays: 18:00–19:00 & 19:15–20:15
  • Tuesdays: 19:15–20:15
  • Thursdays: 19:15–20:15
  • Saturdays: 9:30am — 10:30am — Outdoors*

They also offer a free two week trial. For more information, you can find Royal Resistance on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or on their website.

I asked Steve from Royal Resistance a few questions and here is what he had to say:

How can your business help with health and wellbeing?

We make training fun and sociable. You’ll never dread training and being challenged if you have a laugh and your making new friends at the same time.

What is your wellness tip for 2017?

Sign up for an event, any event! As long as it gets you focused and working towards it then it’s a win win.

What do you love about your local area

M&S! Joking. I think the way Berkeley homes are developing the Royal Arsenal area is amazing. It seems to change everyday and the planning/thoughts behind the projects are amazing.

Many thanks for Steve for taking the time to chat to me about his great new wellness business!

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