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The Spade City Council called for a meeting Tuesday night regarding a major rezoning project at Forbes Street, establishing a brand-new sales tax and shocking news about morticians.

The meeting started late because the city councilman, Harvey Haddix, could not find a parking space.

First, the Spade City Council discussed the idea of relocating the cemetery located at 2800 Forbes Street. Since the cemetery is surrounded by commercialized establishments, it was interrupting the business flow. A supermarket was the primary choice as the replacement since the closest one from the neighborhood was a mile away; additionally, this change was said to improve the look of the city and benefit the people of Spade tremendously.

Second, A one-cent sales tax must be established immediately. Spade city is currently experiencing financial crisis and needs the money to provide and sustain paychecks for the workers around the city. The council, with the exception of one member, jumped into a conclusion that majority of the city members will not mind paying the extra $75 dollars annually.

Lastly, the council wants to license Morticians. “The state gives us the power to do this, and I think we should take advantage of it,” according to councilman Mazeroski. The fee needed to gain the license will rake in a great deal of income for the city, not the state.

Majority of the meeting centered around finance and the improvement of the city’s infrastructure. Only a few members disagreed with each proposal, but the majority always agreed. The changes should take effect immediately.

When the mayor adjourned the meeting, Haddix walked to his parking only to find a parking ticket in front of his windshield.

NEW LEAD: The Spade City Council gathered Tuesday night to enact a one-cent sales tax for the residents of Spade due to the city’s financial crisis.

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