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Liberty PR story ideas:

  1. Liberty University revamps the local Lynchburg mall.

The ever-so dull River Ridge Mall is receiving a makeover, reeling in restaurant chains and upscale retailers to attract shoppers and benefit the students of LU.

2. The new Princeton

Jerry Falwell Jr., Liberty University’s president, is proud to announce that LU is officially ranked number one in research, trumping Princeton and MIT according to Forbes.

3. Happy professors, happy Liberty.

As a university training champions for Christ, Liberty is awarding every faculty member a 10% raise for their outstanding performance and stellar spiritual coaching.

5 News Releases:

  1. No bueno for Tampico

The mexican resaurant Tampico is sued for mistreating 67 of its workers. Some allegations consisted of paying below minimum wage and a lack of professional records. Tampico is paying the workers back, distributing $190,000 to it’s three restaurants.

2. Diaper disaster

Many moms nationwide are suffering to provide clean diapers for their kids. As a result, Huggies established National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) 5 years ago to give away free diapers to moms in need. The company is proud to announce their donation of 22 million diapers as a response to the White House inquiry.

3. Carthage College rises from the ashes

According to U.S. colleges, Carthage College is a powerhouse filled with Fulbright students. The program is a federal international exchange program, and it seems like Carthage acquires a diverse and culturally open-minded student body. Five students from the college are receiving recognition and grants from the program this year.

4. A double hazard for Alton

Alton Industries was recently called out for endangering a fellow worker. A company laborer was found fixing a pipe 9 foot deep under hazardous circumstances. According to the Pittsburg Area Office, Alton has violated the same situation more than once.

5. General Mills loves H2O

The well-known cereal brand is now using the the three R strategy (reduce, reuse, recycle) as part of their newest mission. In honor of World Water day, General Mills is collaborating with The Nature Conservancy and Sustainable Conservation to save and protect water for the future. The company is working closely with two rivers, Los Angeles and San Joaquin river to be exact.