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IWantToBuyArt.com is the first open marketplace & social network for art

Looking at the art world today, the IWTBA team came to a few points:

1 : People have talent

2 : People lack an easy way to sell their talented works because the physical art world is small

3 : Many people love art & would love to purchase art & make themselves a nicer life, but don’t always find time to visit the exhibitions, or are too shy, or simply can’t find art they like

4 : Internet!

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = We must make a bigger art world using the fantastic possibilities of the Internet, where every artist can propose her or his works for sale, where every audience is welcome to shop art, all over the world, art of every style, on every medium, for every budget

So we gathered a perfect team — an artist & critic, a cultural & trends consultant, a financial analyst & photo publisher, an artistic director & survival instructor, & a strategic planner — , made a successful Kickstarter (thank you all!!) & made IWantToBuyArt.com:

  • Everyone is welcome on IWTBA: because IWTBA is not an online gallery, it’s a tool for independence that every artist or gallery can use to easily sell art online, & where every art lover is welcome to shop art s-he likes
  • Algorithms + Search + Like + Share = Discover art you like
  • Our free subscription & super friendly pricing ensures IWTBA is the easiest way to sell art for any artist or gallery
  • Doing our humble part, with IWTBA we hope to work for a better & bigger world, made by people & for people, more free, more fair, more exciting & more beautiful

Spread the word & love!

Thank you, Welcome & See you soon on IWantToBuyArt.com

Press enquiries : contact@iwtba.com

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