If you could find a word to describe an ambitious, fierce and strong woman, you’d be describing a Somali Woman. In addition to their strength they are resilient and are often referred to as the backbones of their family.

Living in Generation Z your first instinct is to go online and find out more about these amazing women. 3 hours and 10 tabs later the frustration grows as you realize the lack of information available on these women.

So you wish and wish and wish and then you DO !

IYADA means she/her in af Somali and on this day SHE was born.

We were inspired to start IYADA when we noticed a lack of access of information regarding Somali Women and Girls.

So what is IYADA? IYADA is an online resource to Engage, Educate and Empower Somali Women and girls on the social, political, economic and health related concerns that they experience globally.

Our aim is to grow IYADA into a one stop shop on all things Somali Women and Girls.

We’re just getting started so stay tuned for more ! Feel free to email us at iyada.org@gmail.com with any topics/articles suggestions you may have.


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