The shittiest aftermath of leaving a sociopathic abuser, is watching how they will torture your kids to spite you. Holidays are prime time for that. This year is tough because it’s “his holiday year.” Last night my daughter came home and was in tears after once again missing another holiday event as well as being lied to as to why. Despite him sending messages saying she ate great all day, I found out she had cereal, pancakes and fucking sausages. Breakfast food bullshit for Thanksgiving. These are also the meals he would feed his children in front of us while torturing my children. He knows how much I despise them and what they represent. The smell of sausage and syrup alone, makes me sick. Non engagement is hard and I didn’t follow my rule last night. After being up for hours with my daughter kicking from night terrors and screaming, I sent a frustrated message. Like a text book, he gaslighted me and blamed me for rubbing it in her face. Rule #1- don’t engage because they will never be rational or reasonable. Instead, to torture me from having my daughter for a holiday. He keeps her and excludes her from celebrating them by telling her lies. Then she comes home completely confused and suffers the consequences of his twisted and sick abuse. This is heartbreaking and so hard to not be able to protect her from. I wish I could save every other woman or man and child from experiencing what we have been through and sadly what I will continue to have to protect my daughter from. I wish I had know the #redflags of #domesticviolence and what an #abuser was. #thingsthatsociopathsdo #stillgrateful