Driven Dirt and Sweat Through The Valley Of Gods.

The Himalayan Mountain Biking Expedition 2015/ Excerpts.

An adventure so truly defined as an individual’s walk towards finding oneself. Beyond the shadows of bustling working days, the vantage of your individuality is often to be re-explored!

Thus, the Himalayan Mountain Biking Expedition program was designed to explore oneself at high end trails of the mystic Himalayas. Alike any adventure, mountain biking in India is gearing up to be India’s sought after adventure sports. As a part of worldwide promotion of mountain biking in Asia, we assembled five constructive teams;blend of seasoned mountain bikers to first time go-getters set off to Nature’s corners of Manali.
Autumn was just settling in and so did our teams for 1st, 5th, 9th and 13th, acclaimed to fabricate some of the best moments in the IYC gallery.

The Day Wise…

6:00 AM
Fresh snow just filled in the scrapes of Hampta Pass, and with the last star meddling along to disappear in the dawn. We at 6,393 ft are getting ready for the morning exercise!
The stringent call time made sure we assemble at the dining, sharp 6 with delicious “adhrak chai” waiting for us followed by a walk through the park adjoining the IYC base camp. The physical orientation necessary for the mountain biking had been a consistent hit with the participants as Beas got louder and with each passing day, the autumn took to our incorrigible guts!

The Curtain-Raiser
Being a membership based club, we keep on eyeing for participants who are our essential mediators of IYC endeavours to explore and educate through expeditions.

The first batch that was flagged off on 1st of October to the last batch of 13th of October-it was an elaborate interaction of sweat, strength, off trail trekking, the feat completing 160 kms of mountain biking in four days, speeding through gradient routes on their numbered Firefox Sniper Ds and so…

“I came with a fellow participant and it was the strategic location that made it quite convenient for us explore the vicinity of the IYC basecamp. I biked through Manali and made really cool friends”, shared the youngest mountain biker from Kolkata, MBE 2nd batch, Abhimanyu.

Some rode through broad daylight, some drenched in rain on the trails composed of gradient routes, wood planked bridges, waving children and locals who are always on toes to assist you.

“This experience was beyond what I had in mind, crazy and amazing!”- Rudhreesh, Erode.
It’s an adventure fact that with every paddle to gain momentum and inch of path, biker is on a different paradise with versicolor sceneries of the Himalayas.

To explore and discover what remains hidden for usual tourist eyes and could be seen only when the enthusiast is ready to walk an extra mile for a tete-a-tete with Nature, and with earnest gratitude IYC confers to MBE participation.

With mountain bikes becoming a great medium to achieve that because of their built and the way they could be manoeuvred in hilly areas and thickets, we are just the right medium in action.
“I had never imagined I would try mountain biking but thanks to the IYC team, my dream has come true”.
Hari from the final batch of the Himalayan Mountain Biking Expedition/ October/ Manali-Hadimba-Vashisth-Solang-Naggar sums up tell-a-tale, a testimony to what IYC is and what we will continue doing. Cheers!