How water can help to improve your health just by looking at it

What magic it did to your Health?

Photo by Nitish Kadam, Unsplash

Not sure about sitting near the water tap

We can’t call it a secret anymore that you can improve your Health with water! Even without drinking it or getting wet! You can refine your health enormously, just by being close to it. Only by looking at water motive, this always interesting living gem.

Yes indeed! Any close relation to any water motive is improving your health (except sitting near the standard water tap, if that is what you think a water motif is)! I suggest that you believe and accept that 100%, so we can go immediately to our goals for this new blog post in the series “The power of living space in service of health!”

The Purgatory

If you are not 100% sure that close relation to the water motive is improving your health, by all means, I urge you to stay in limbo and do some research of your own. Go on information highroad- the internet. Just go, not matter if you go on a short trip or a very, very long journey! In the end, you will collect a lot of enormously exciting and all very promising facts, about abilities of water motives, about their recovery boosting capabilities and health providing energy. No matter how long you must travel on the net, don’t finish the journey until you are 100% convinced: water motives in your living space are improving your health!

Then, step forward!

All you 100% sure, step forward!

Now that we are all at the same starting point of 100% convicted fans of healing water motives let’s continue!

This blog is easy to consume! There is not much to read. After the first few minutes of reading comes, as central and with our goal consistent enjoyment of some chosen water motive pictures.

Photo by Sora Sagano, Unsplash

About the goal

The goal of this blog post is to open your mind to excepting water motifs as a possibility for you! You should succeed in two things first:
> convince yourself to break your common taboos against possessing your water motif,
> get yourself excited about owning some form of water motive as an essential element of your outside or inside living space;

Taboos you should break

Is it True? Is it complicated, time-consuming, costly, problematic or even dangerous to have water motives in your living space? No! It is not thru!

You will be surprised how easy and without a problem you can get yourself a water motive and furthermore, how easy it is, to maintain it as a health-improving gem in your living space.

Break your taboos by merely visiting appropriate shops or workshops or again, check it on the net. There you will proof any of your water motive taboos to be wrong. Check the experiences and many collected facts from professionals: they will firmly and reasonably oppose your installment dilemma against water motives (including the fear of getting an invasion of mosquitos) as rubbish!

Break the taboo of expecting a big bug and mosquito problem, after installing your outdoor water motive. It is an untruthful exaggeration, an imaginary issue out of ignorance. (Photo by Akin, Unsplash)

Water motives in your outside or inside garden are financially accessible for everyone and have a positive impact on you even in smallest form or shape that you can afford. If properly designed they will always excite you. If you break the taboos against water motives, they will prove themselves as safe and secure to maintain, providing countless hours of joy and consequently, of course, boost your condition for permanent health preservation and improvement!

Getting excited to include some water motive as an essential gem of your living space equipment

Let me simplify our already reviled aim: get yourself excited to own a water motive in your living space.

As already said, you could get excited by many scientific facts, medical proofs, inspiring reports and recorded real-life experiences, all in favor of water motives. But in this blog I will motivate you for getting yourself a water motive just with showing them to you and reminding you of their beauty.

Before we start looking at examples of thrilling water motives, let me advise you with two small hints that are crucial: the right scaling and the proper placement of your potential water motive in your living space.

Have two things in mind before you start the picture-excitement flight

Decide on right scale of your water motive. I used the word “gem” for water motive before, and I am using it again to illustrate what I mean with deciding on the right scale. Not of too big and not too small size, water motive should be a gem in a necklace on a beautiful woman (the beautiful woman is your living space in this comparison). The neckless and this gem should be certainly noticed (not too small), but it should also not be too ambitious (too big) to miss its primary mission: to support the beauty of a woman and make her shine even more.

Secondly, you should ensure the perfect place for your water motive, which is somewhere you can make a comfortable stop and enjoy it. It is indeed pleasant to experience the water motive by walking beside it, but first and most important for its health improving potential is to ensure the possibility of more profound enjoyment of the view on it, while peacefully seating. So the perfect place for water motive is always somewhere opposite of your peaceful seat area.

Let’s take off!

Picture gallery #1:
The five beautiful world garden/park heritage examples and five public aquariums should bring you in the mood and not discourage you because of their scale.
England-Blenheim-Palace (Photo by Classicbritishhotels)
France-Versailles (photo by Viacitytour)
Italy-Villa d’Este (Photo by Upload wikimedia)
Japan-Kyoto (Photo by Unsplash)
China-Suzhou (Photo by Hedgeco)

Photo by Usplash

Picture gallery: The nine examples of water motives in the outside garden that are in the scale and cost ability of most garden owners.
Bog garden (Photo by Lillies water gardens)

Picture gallery: The nine examples of water motives as an inside garden.
Picture gallery: The seven examples of small water motives in the outside garden and the four as an inside garden. Simple little birds drinking stone container on the outdoor patio or a small fish bowl as your interior garden can do wonders for your health as well.

Break your taboos against water motives and start acting. Ensure yourself a water motive. Water motive is a gem that boosts your recovery capabilities and lifts your health if installed in your outside or inside garden.

Aqua Bonsai (Photo by Bonsaiempire)

Congratulations, you arrived at the end

Water motive is an installment for your everyday delights and joys of life. You must have it as the crucial part of your health ensuring booster.

So, if after some time somebody asks you about your experiences with newly acquired water motive: ” What powerful magic it did to your Health?”, you will be able to answer it precisely and promptly:“It improved my health just by looking at it!” And you should not forget to mention your countless hours of joy!

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In the coming blog post, I will address the possibilities to lift health providing arrangements with the (re)design of your workspa.

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