How To Entertain Your Wedding Guests with Photography Session

One of the main things soon-to-be wedded couples are worried about is entertaining guests while they are off for a photography session. It becomes important to take care of guests’ interests and keep them busy with some fun games, activities and live performances. Hiring a professional Wedding Photographer from Perth (if in Australia) can be a feasible option, as s/he will be able to connect and capture natural clicks.

  1. Garden Activities: If you have planned an outdoor wedding, opting for giant garden games can be the best activity while others are getting clicked. Giant Jenga, Connect Four and much more can be entertaining! Outdoor weddings are fun and give you more space to try and experience with the area. Ask the Perth based Wedding Photographer to seize those fun memories along with supervising a photo session.
  2. Posing @ Photo Booths: Who doesn’t love to pose in a photo booth with funny props like big sunglasses, feathers and headbands! Get one installed and see guests swarming through the booth for some candid shots. If you want to go the DIY way, get a Polaroid camera, a self-made picture frame and set up out in the open area.
  3. Kids’ Heaven- Face Painting: Want the kids to declare it the best wedding they have gone by far? Face Painting is the best idea you can go for. See children transforming into bears, monkeys, lions etc. and watch them having a good time. For a soon-to-be wedded couple, handling a big group of children can be a major concern. This idea will impress the neighborhood and create a positive image. Hire an expert Wedding Photographer from Perth (If you are in Australia) to capture those cute faces.
  4. Dance on Silent Disco: These days, silent disco has taken over the world! Implement this idea when planning a wedding occasion. People grooving silently to their favourite songs and with other guests make up the best sight when a photography session is going on. This is a great idea when you have a mixed crowd, and can play songs from the classic 80s to 2K’s Raps.
  5. Karaoke are Fun!: You have to hire an expert Perth based Wedding Photographer to capture some fun moments of guests singing their heart out in Karaoke. There are always some talented singers amongst the group, and it’s time for them to shine. Trust us, it will only get funnier!
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