The Gravel Pile (Pomodoro 20161129 II.)


I ain’t shit in here but I can see for miles on top of the gravel pile. Overlooking the railyard and the interstate. I tried to get all the sand and gravel out of my shoes but I’m glad there is still some in there and always will be until I shower. It helps remind me of the pile and the outside, where I matter. Where I feel like a bad ass.

Of course they cancelled the fucking meeting. They always do. At least it was on the fucking calendar for a day and a quarter (a half sounds better but a quarter is more accurate no time to dawdle we’re on Pomodoro short break now)

Boss is behind me, the one I don’t like but I type anyway, don’t’ want to zoom out to hide my font, that would take precious Pomodoro short break time.

Hot in my hoodie, needs to come off, save that for work time.

Emails come in too, those too can wait until work time.

Maybe someday plant a flag on the gravel pile.

It looks like a switch and a short spur used to go to the factory to my right from up there. Down by the factory you the tracks are still there, by the closest track you can see the ties where a switch might have been then the fall weeds are high some are still gre

[Times up]