Getting into copywriting as a beginner….

Even if you have zero experience…

Let me start by saying that no one was born a great copywriter..

They became one..

You might be confused on what to do and how to start…

Everyone goes through this stage.. All you need is guidance and that is what this article will be to you..

Even if you have no experience

Even if you’ve never written a single sentence in your life before.

This article will guide you and help you lay the basic foundation for a successful copywriting career.

You can get into copywriting and I am going to show you how…

I was like you once.. Intimidated by the idea of becoming a copywriter. I already had a background in Web development by the time I made the decision to start writing..

Without further delay..

Here are the steps that will get you started on this incredible journey


This is what I would always recommend everyone who is looking to get into this field to do first. Why?

It lays the foundation for you. Sure you can always get a course on copywriting but I doubt if there are as many good courses that will get you grounded in the basics like books will.

When I say books I don’t mean Gumroad ebooks. There are people who are experts in the world of copywriting and they have pretty good books on the subject..

You could tell how good they were just by reading those books.

Some recommendations are..

  • Boron Letters
  • Cashvertising
  • Scientific advertising
  • Robert collier letter book
  • Adweek copywriting handbook

Read a minimum of 3 books thoroughly and then you are ready for the next step


Once you have acquired all the basic information that is required. You probably won’t start feeling like a copywriter yet but you will pretty soon..

If you did a good job of reading those books naturally you would start feeling the urge to practice..

Even if you don’t..

Practice anyways… It is the only way you can become good.. But

Trust me at first you would be confused. You will not know what to write about.

It is obvious that you wouldn’t have any clients by then and therfore it would seem like there is no way to practice..

But there is..

And I will show you how I started practicing…

  • Write on social media

Personally I prefer Twitter

Twitter’s 280 character policy makes it perfect for you to get some experience..

A single tweet cannot contain more than 280 characters

This will train you to cut out unnecessary words and sentences and just go straight to the point and this is a very important copywriting skill.

Also Twitter can be a difficult platform to get engagement if you are just getting started

To make it on Twitter you have to learn how to write tweets that make people engaged and then convert into followers

So in addition to improving your writing..

Twitter will teach you how to write words that will attract people; another important copywriting skill..

  • Write blog posts

Another way to practice is by trying to write engaging content in form of blog posts.

Believe it or not..

Writing this post was a form of practice for me..

Sometimes copywriting is not only about writing ads and sales pages..

You can also get hired by businesses to write articles for them and what better way to practice than to write articles.

It teaches you how to relate with an audience and write in a way that it resonates with them…. Another important copywriting skill..

That’s three important copywriting skills I’ve listed by the way…

Writing blogs will help you develop the ability to break down complex problems into simpler forms for anyone to understand… Make that four important copywriting skills I’ve listed 😁

At least now you’ve seen the importance of practice..

You will have easily started gaining experience in four different copywriting skills with just basic practice

Other ways to practice is by:

  • Answering questions on quora
  • Studying successful ads and try to figure out why they work.
  • Study vital social media posts and figure out why they went viral and then implement in your own post…


Unless you don’t plan to monetize your skill then skip this step..

Let’s be honest here… the reason you decided to learn copywriting is because you want to make money with it… But that’s not all..

To make money you have to work for people which makes it the next logical step..

You will have to learn how to find work and how to provide results for people that do hire you..

Once you find clients you can use the experience gained from the first two steps to get them results..

Remember there is no better experience than work experience..

Learn and explore how your skills will fare in the real word and the best part?..

You could get paid for it.. The more you write the better you get.

And in 2–3 years from now you will be one of the top people in the game

I really hope you can see a clear path to build that great writing career for yourself..


Start now…

Thanks for reading.

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