My Unusual Morning Thoughts on Recruiting Great Talent in Nigeria

First published on LinkedIn.

Recruitment processes and evaluations are great. I mean, most multinationals in Nigeria have really great recruitment processes in place.(Some very stringent filters ) But I’ve been wondering in recent times if companies ever thought that maybe they could get candidates to get to work (like tangible, practicable but remote work) while sourcing for amazing talent at the same time. I’ll explain. I woke up this morning thinking about this one organization I’ve been hoping to be a part of for quite the while now;

General Electric.

This organization develops technology and optimize processes across so many fields(Power, healthcare, aviation, oil&gas, production & manufacturing technology, operations research & industrial engineering to name a few) . I wondered, what if GE(or any other major company) were to open up actual pertinent case studies (in process optimization, product development, etc.) to interested people or potential candidates to work on and prepare and submit resourceful work that could be beneficial to the organization or open up new and diverse perspectives and proceed to evaluate them based on this on a running basis or per time . Make it a voluntary thing (no employment guarantees). They could also make some relevant data (within the confines of the company’s data security policies) or data sources available to them and see what they can come up with. They could also give them flexible templates or instructions to work within(to avoid too much disparity in presentation). I really feel they could find some exceptional talent this way and reach out to people who have done really resourceful work and are able to remotely create value with relevant data.

They could go further to invite these people who have done some notable work for Seminars and pitch presentations from time to time, maybe give them masterclasses in various topics and if they deem it fit put them on some kind of special recruitment consideration list if possible.

Yes I do understand that it will require time and human resources for the company to carry out these running evaluations but, I strongly feel that organizations have far more value to gain in the long run by exploring newer avenues of recruiting exceptional talent that have proven to some extent that they can get stuff done. I’d also suggest they could look for ways to limit the number of types on candidates that engage certain case studies.

I’d also like to state that I’m not a 100% clear on what the recruitment process at GE is like (in Nigeria especially) as well as a few other Multinationals. Nonetheless I’m quite clear on what the process is like in some of them based on reading their Graduate trainee program guides and similar publicly available documents e.g Shell Petroleum Development Company

I would personally jump at such an opportunity and give it everything especially for an organization that I’d love to be a part of.

My suggestion has no proven viability. Nor did it go through an extensive thought & fact-checking process. Just a suggestion. just a thought on how I’d love to be considered for recruitment based on a real *insert company name* Task.

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