A Project With a Master Plan

Two industries. ONE platform. Mastermind games has come up with the Master Plan, the answer on how to merge both crypto and traditional gaming together in ways never done before, EVER.

Games that add features to purchase in-game currency with fiat in order to obtain skins, upgrades, special characters, etc. are more and more prevalent today. These features create excitement for gamers and money for developers pockets but for current gamers the excitement ends when the game is turned off. Now, with Mastermind Games, developers will incorporate crypto into their games. This will grant users the ability to actually own those skins, characters, etc. as an NFT with value. Gamers will be able to play their favorite games, watch their NFT go up in value and have an option to buy or sell those nfts using the Mastermind Games platform. Developers who have onboarded games will continue to produce profits as they sell basic nfts or limited edition sets. These profits can then be used to reinvest into their game or future games. This is a win-win situation for both sides.

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How will this be done?

Mastermind Games is a one-stop shop. There will be a marketplace for buying and selling gaming NFTs, as well as a swap which enables users on the Binance Smart Chain to swap for the Mastermind Games in-game currency. For gamers, our convenient on-ramp service will assist with ease of entry, especially for those who are new to the crypto space. For developers, our onboarding options for various levels of game developers will allow for experienced or less-experienced developers to join in on this exciting, new platform capable of onboarding P2E, P2P, Mint2P, F2P games and more. The goal is a hassle-free merger into the crypto world for all.

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Ahead of The Game

Not only striving to think outside of the box, Mastermind Games also strives to think ahead. In fact, many steps ahead. This is why you can expect multiple announcements in the near future with the first being the release of the Mastermind Games whitepaper (aka) The Master Plan. The team has also been working to create the unique website you can now see at www.mastermindgames.io. There are areas of the site not in use. Those portions of the project are scheduled to be released at a later time.

The Mastermind Games team has also put much thought into security and safety. These areas of concern are a top priority for the project with the goal being to achieve the highest levels of both security and safety across the board. This will be accomplished through rules and regulations as well as audits and other security practices.

The Time is Now

With the crypto space continually growing and the gaming world more popular than ever, the time is now and Mastermind Games was made for this moment. Crypto has leveled the playing field in so many industries and with Mastermind Games allowing for every traditional game developer, console platform, or gamer to join that space, the gaming world will NEVER be the same. Mastermind Games is changing not only THE GAME, it’s changing YOUR GAME!




Mastermind Games Chief Operations Officer

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