Blockchain technology has brought new opportunities and capabilities for advancement and innovation to light. Unfortunately, in it’s short lifespan, this technology has yet to live up to it’s potential. The problem? Those involved in the industry have yet to realize that instead of forcing blockchain technology onto others, blockchain can be utilized in existing real-world applications and industries to improve and evolve them. This is where Mastermind Games succeeds!

Mastermind Games’ hybrid game-hosting platform will provide never seen, truly epic options for gamers, developers, and more. There is a perfect solution for improving an entire industry and that’s using blockchain technology as a utility with a true purpose. Mastermind Games is doing just that! We are creating a platform for a community that deserves it and soon will wonder how they lived without it. It’s time to spread the news!!

This bear market surely is dreadful, why not cheer yourself up with an update on your favorite game hosting platform?!

The team continues to work behind the scenes. We quietly teamed up with Defi Skeptic, who worked diligently to complete the Mastermind Swap V.2.

If you don’t know who Defi Skeptic is, you should do some research! You can find a link below.

  • Front end design updates were made to create an easy to use swap that minimizes user errors.
  • Swap button will now turn red when user wallet connects.
  • Users will no longer adjust tax/slippage. Adjustments will be added automatically resulting in quicker transaction speeds and less confusion.
  • Swap transaction fees will now be collected in the form of $BNB instead of $MGA. This means the community does not need to worry about the project wallet selling against the market.
  • Buy / Sell Discounts — The buy discount is now 1%. Total tax at purchase should be 5% transaction tax (swap tax). The sell discount is now 1%. Total tax when selling should be 5% transaction tax (swap tax).
  • The swap foundation and code has been built entirely from the ground up by a professional team of 18 developers who have previously worked with projects very known in the crypto space. The team created a swap code that will give us the capability to fully expand into our own version of Pancakeswap with yield farming, staking, lottery features, and a new projects incubator (launchpad for new tokens). In time, we will allow open pairings as a fully stand-alone decentralized exchange!

With these new added benefits, there is no reason to use other swaps/exchanges over Mastermind Games in order to purchase your $MGA. The swap is now active. We hope you enjoy it’s ease of use!

Additional updates are coming shortly. Please join our socials and news avenues to stay up to date!

Mastermind Swap V2






Defi Skeptic



Mastermind Games Chief Operations Officer

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