Mastermind Games isn’t playing any games…

Not yet anyway. The addiction can wait.

Playtime will come once our goal of manifesting an evolved gaming world to the masses is a reality. We are forging a gaming evolution that will benefit the industry in multiple facets and inventing a platform for a community that doesn’t yet know it needs it. This is what makes Mastermind Games so special and why we must not waste a moment.

While you’ve been busy purchasing $MGA during our 1st private sale, we’ve been hard at work continuing to move at a rapid pace to develop some of the special features upcoming within the project. One of our most exciting features is now complete and in final testing stages. This eye-pleasing staking feature will please more than just your eyes as you find out the return % for staking your $MGA below! Gamers will soon learn they can play games AND earn passive income. What a great combination of happiness! =)

Mastermind Games Earn & Burn Staking Feature Guide — UPDATED: 9/15/22

*The latest update to our staking feature comes with a new built in $MGA burn with 10% of harvest and reinvest transactions to be burned.

In order to obtain the highest staking percentages, users must own one of the 850 Limited Edition OG NFTs. All 3 tiers of NFTs will be available for purchase upon release of the Mastermind Games Marketplace.

Sneak peek at the new NFTs

Of course, you can always stake without owning an OG NFT but your earning percentages will not be as great.

Before connecting your wallet to the staking feature:
• Ensure your OG NFT is added to your staking wallet.
• Check for the correct OG contract, if your OG contract does not match the address below contact a Mastermind Support Member in the discord.

OG Diamond = (contract TBA)
OG Igneous = (
contract TBA)
OG Basalt = (
contract TBA)

Start earning $MGA!

First you will need to connect your wallet.

  • Click the “Connect” button located on the top right corner of the screen and connect to your wallet.
  • Choose the amount of time you would like to stake and click “Invest”. (30, 180, or 365 days)
  • Input the desired amount of $MGA to stake.
  • Click “Invest” button and approve your wallet (this will allow your wallet to interact with the contract)
  • Click the button again and approve your wallet (this will allow the contract to lock away your $MGA)

Congratulations, you are now earning a passive income!


Max investment per Lock period

30 days — 200,000 tokens
180 days — 250,000 tokens
360 days — 300,000 tokens

Minimum staking limit is 1,000 MGA tokens.

Let’s talk about earning percentages!

The following are the yield percentages for both Non-OG plebs and OG NFT Holders. Staking yields will be halved every 12 months from the date of official release.

Yield Percentage Tables

Non OG plebs:
• 30 days 1.75%
• 180 days 2.1%
• 365 days 2.7%

OG NFT Holders:
• 30 days 4.4%
• 180 days 6.3%
• 365 days 8.1%

The smart contract will automatically detect your OG NFT in your wallet and provide the correct yield percentage for you. It will also know when you are no longer holding an OG NFT.


Rewards will only be distributed to users who complete the time lock selected. Un-staking prior to end of time lock will result in zero (0) rewards.

Selling your OG NFT while staking will change your yield to Non-OG pleb percentages and/or possibly cause an error to the staking contract. This could result in a user not getting their rewards so please un-stake prior to selling your OG NFT.

This staking feature is provided to you to use at your own risk!

Mastermind Games will not take responsibility for token loss or errors caused by you or the staking contract. At this time the staking contract has not been audited. By choosing to use this feature, you are assuming responsibility for all potential risk and ownership of liability.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new staking feature and how it works please contact a team member in the discord.

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