Father’s Day gift idea: An investment in your future, via these podcasts

Image: Flickr/Walakazoo

Deep down, all parents just want the best for their kids’ futures, right? And those futures are in jeopardy for lots of reasons — including climate change. Well, conveniently, these podcasts will make you more knowledgeable about both the threat of climate change and different strategies for addressing it. So do your dad, or really any guardian or mentor figure in your life, a favor and help protect your future by informing yourself.

America Adapts — The Climate Change Podcast with Doug Parsons

Episode 66: Dead Podcast Society: Open Access, Climate Change & Innovative Learning Tools

Doug Parsons talks with Kate Bishop Williams, a lecturer at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Kate used an America Adapts episode, “Deconstructing a Climate Change Skeptic” as part of her class curricula and discusses why she chose the episode as a tool to teach her students effective climate communication. Doug and Kate also discuss open access and the value of podcasts as a learning tool in the classroom. Doug speaks with two of the students enrolled in Kate’s class and gets their feedback on what they learned from the Marc Morano episode (skeptic) and their impressions of using a podcast in the classroom. This and much more!

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Forecast with Michael White

Episode 72: Carl Wunsch and the rise of modern oceanography

Host Michael White talks with legendary oceanographer Carl Wunsch. Carl recounts the transition of oceanography from a time of tinkering, through the dawn of remote sensing and modeling, and now to the era of big data. Along the way, he describes: writing the iconic Charney report, how data is helping to kill science-by-big-personality, and the everpresent peril of oversimplifying an extremely complex topic.

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Climate Conversations podcast by MIT ClimateX

Together in Climate Action Summit special episode: Nature and Cities Get Together

Professor John Fernandez, Director of MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI), is an expert in urban metabolism: the flows of material and energy that sustain growing cities and their ecosystems. He joins Rajesh Kasturirangan, Curt Newton and Dave Damm-Luhr to discuss how healthy natural systems — forests, wetlands, soils — help limit carbon, keep air and water clean, and limit risks from extreme weather, especially around rapidly growing urban areas. The conversation also covers how technologies, like sensors and artificial intelligence, can be put to work in service of nature, and why natural systems policies must be coordinated across states and regions. These topics are central to the educational and research activities of the MIT ESI program, including a just-launched undergraduate minor in Environment & Sustainability. (This episode is part of ClimateX’s resources for the December 2017 Together in Climate Action policy summit for Northeastern North America.)

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*That was a joke. You absolutely do need to get ALL your parental figures gifts on ALL the gift-giving days that apply to them. But you should still listen to these podcasts — they’ll make you more interesting to talk to at family dinners.