She instead tweeted about how bereft she is that her non-friends are no longer going to be sharing the same bed.
America Cares More About #Brangelina and #TerenceCrutcher is Just a BuzzKill
Ezinne Ukoha

while I appreciate your near outrage, I see things a bit differently.

The break up of up a celebrity couple’s marriage is a big deal. That is the way of an unbalanced America. It will be an event that is as important as a presidential election, a major earthquake, or even the start of another direct or proxy war. So, in that space, to find a light of humanity is a welcomed event. Some people value Black lives.

Anyone with a half degree of sense knows that the problem with America is not its divorce rate among mega celebrities. Nope. It is not even police killings. Both are manifestations of underlying issues. The problem with America is its race based insanity. Its insanity manifest itself in things like police murders of unarmed Black men. These murders are defended by a justice system and endorsed by most whites. These whites see the actions of the dirty cops as an assuagement of both fear and hatred of Blacks. They see the murders as a payback for the harms that some black caused them.

That harm? Maybe the Black guy was too big or scary. Maybe he was too good an athlete. Maybe he didn’t back down when some white guy threatened to punch him. Maybe he played his music too loud. Maybe he played the role of a bad guy in a movie of TV series. Sure, it’s a pathology, but — like gambling and over consumption of alcohol and drugs — we can live with it.

This American pathology will always insist on making an irrelevant celebrity break-up more important than political outcomes, treating its race based sociopathic behaviors, and Black lives.

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