I_am_Frank, I am real,

I just woke up an decided to wright this because I listened to a radio story about you yesterday. Internet, medium, endless possibilities, freedom everything, even Obama uses it: so here I am. I am curious. And, I am about to stop again right now as all my enthusiasm just faded away.

I was determined to get to now you. Step by step and eventually open myself and see whether we are interested in one another. But I am frustrated. I wanted to explore your personality, its shining bright and powerful parts, its dark and rotten depths and eventually get to now you.

I do not trust you, I must say. Will you hurt me or just ignore?

I am Frank, I am real. Who are you? Are you tall or tiny, do you carry a gun or are you great in creating comic strips? I will get up, get another coffee from the coffeemaker downstairs that just decided to start a cleaning cycle and shut down as far as I can hear from my bed. Its sunny outside but cold.

When you sit in a subway train and you look in someones face, don’t you sometimes wonder who it is? I still wonder. And I always wonder why this all happens and how can it be real.

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