3 Stages to Earning What You’re Worth

You are earning today exactly the amount that you have decided to earn, no more and no less. The truth is, you have chosen your current income yourself and not your employer or client/customer.

You are where you are today because of the choices you made or the choice you refuse to make in terms of how much you are earning.

Like I once posted on my Facebook timeline that, “the sky is not your limit, but you are”. I see so many experts that are so good at what they do in their field but are not earning the amount of money that they are worth. It does piss me off whenever I come across people like that.

Sometimes they put the blame on the economy, government, the industry, the company, their competitors etc.

The only problem is that these people fail to realize that other people in their same field are earning 10X than they are earning irrespective of the so-called economy, industry or competitors.

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