4 Twitter Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur and you are on Twitter? What are you using it for? Do you know that with 140 characters you can transform your business into a million dollar business?

Most entrepreneurs don’t make use of twitter because they assume it does not allow them to type long and 140 characters are too small to use to market their business.

I was once like this, I never got serious with my twitter account because of this same reason. Not until I attended a social media marketing seminar where I learnt how I can use social media mostly twitter to market my business.

So, in this post, I will be sharing with you for free how you as an entrepreneur can use your twitter account as a marketing strategy to boost your business.

So please, if you have a twitter account and you have not used it or don’t really use as much as you use other channel, it is time you have a second thought about it as I will show you possible ways twitter marketing can help boost your business.

Let’s get started….Action!

1. Present your Brand

The appearance of your twitter account matters a lot to your business. It is very important that your twitter account help people identify your business.

Choose an account name that also look similar to your other social media account so people don’t get confuse about your brand on Facebook or Instagram.

Nothing exposes your brand image on twitter than your twitter account name. Choose between your personal name and your business name.

Your profile image also matters. You can use either your personal picture or business logo.

With all these, whenever you tweet, your followers can easily identify who you are and what you do. Before I follow someone on twitter, their profile picture is what I sees first, then I look at their name before clicking to check their profile.

You should also learn how to promote your brand in less than 146 letters (that’s what you can use in bio) in your bio space. Twitter does not have a big board where you can display everything about you like Facebook, but with the 146 letters, one can easily explain he or her business.

Forget about mission statement and tell your potential customers what is in for them.

2. Create a Game Plan

For you to be able to use twitter in marketing your business, you need to have a game plan so that the content that you share won’t be useless.

You have to know the number of tweet you should publish a day, the time interval, which hash tag to use etc.

Investigate how often your competitions are tweeting per day and create your plan on the idea amount of content to publish a day.

You should have a publishing calendar (it’s advisable for all your social media channel) that has when to tweet, how often, etc.

You can take leverage of social media management apps like Buffer, TweetDeck, Hootsuite and so others to help schedule post ahead of time.it works very well.

You just upload all your tweet and schedule when you want them to be publish, you can schedule tweets for a week and the time, and it will be done whether you are online or offline.

3. Start Following People

Start building your following and followers on twitter. But be careful who you follow. I will prefer you follow high influential people with a large followers in your niche of business. By that way, anytime you tweet something, any of the influential persons might find it informative and useful and re-tweet, it goes straight to his or her followers.

So if this influential person has 300,000 followers, at least 100,000 followers will see your tweet and check you out. And you are supposed to know what next, your followers increase.

This will only happen on the ground that your profile can be able to convert them into followers so they can choose to stay with you.

I advise you follow these categories of people:

I. Your potential customers.

II. Your competitors or peers.

III. Your business partners.

IV. Professional organization for your niche of business.

V. Business run by people you know.

When you start following people, you will notice that people will start to follow back. Most times you don’t need to know who follow you.

4. Hashtag Marketing

Though this can be time consuming but it is profitable in the long run. Hashtag appears in tweets to identify a common topic or theme. Type a word that is related to your business in the search bar and check out the trend. Create a rapport with whosoever you think necessary. Join the conversation and from there, share some useful link of your business site that might add spices to the conversation.

When you see a tweet with a hashtag, check out to see the discussion to see if you can join and from there promote your business or network.

You can create your own hashtag for your business and use it in marketing your business to help people find you.

Hashtag is a great way to use twitter for business, take these 4 marketing strategies and use them to boost your business.