Most bloggers don’t take note of keywords when it comes to creating content for their blogs.

Content only don’t make your blog rank high on search engine, keyword does. Users search on words or phrases, and if your site is well optimized, your pages turn up in the search result.

Keywords come first before content. The starting point for SEO is having clear understanding of which keywords are relevant and will perform for your site.

If you make the mistake of selecting keywords that people don’t actually search for or being unaware of which search terms are most popular among customers, then don’t expect to rank high in search engines.

As a traffic writer, I take note that I am writing for end users and not for websites or blog owners. That’s the reason my content is able to draw traffic to my client sites and it is a WIN-WIN for both of us.

My candid advice for bloggers and writers, put yourself in the place of potential users and think how they would search for you, rather than what you want to be found for.

Remain Bless!

Okon Joseph


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