Stop “Creating Content,” Start Writing
Ayodeji Awosika

Hello Ayodeji,

What a fantastic post!

I read a lot of blog posts and I have never read such fantastic post like this.

You just bless me with this post i must say! I have been a victim of concentrating more on content marketing that I almost lost interest in writing which was the reason I went into the business of freelance writing in the first place.

I was so focus on everything about content marketing that I was reading every post that has to do with it and totally rejected improving myself on being a better writer and gave all the writing jobs to my team to write.

Thanks you also notice this and I also thank God i read this post too to really clarify my thought. Thanks for the nudge.

Many writers don’t even know that there is a big difference between content marketing and writing. 70% think they must do what other writers are doing. I have made it my own rules to who I listen to when it comes to advises on becoming a better freelance writer.

I think everybody has what they are good for, I am good and love managing people and don’t like trading my time for money. That was the reason I created my own writing agency without hesitating even when I was just 3 months into the game so I can leverage the time I spend on writing to training aspiring writers and satisfying my clients.

Off to share this post now, I want all those who are confuse about this subject to read this and gain clarity on where they belong.

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