VITES Fork Talk

Shrinking the Max Supply

VITES in its current manifestation has a 50 Billion Max Supply. While we feel a 2–3 Billion max supply is generally on the high end to peer to peer coins, we thought the 50 Billion limit was definitely something we wanted to eliminate. We decided a 10:1 swap is a good compromise to this, capping the supply at 5 billion and bringing us closer to what we find to be a more comfortable max supply. But it doesn’t stop there.

The Vites Coin & Electra Project FAQ


FYI, my twitter handle, ‘@VitanThe’ has been properly renamed to ‘@TheGrandVitan’, I must of had a little too much to drink the night I created the account!

The Road Ahead

We have alot to look forward to with VITES but it will definitely take some time. Crypto-winter seems to be back with a vengeance so that gives us the time we need to come out with something the team can be proud of.



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