King Triton Declares ‘The Little Mermaid’ Fake News!

This is King Triton and I found this draft in my hacked Medium account. I’ve been informed the login came from a white house in a place Called Washington D.C. You made read the draft and figure out who dared to hack the king of the sea.

Many leaders are questioning my ability to govern the sea, due to an over-rated play that is completely fake news. It’s very sad I have to do this, but I’ll explain.

I didn’t sign my soul away to Ursula. Wait, you’re saying there is a photo of me doing so?

That was made up by the corrupt media.

Ariel never had to save my life, no one has ever had to save my life. The entire play is fictitious and made up. No such thing happened, in fact Ariel is a snowflake and….

Well, that’s all was drafted before I regained control of my account. Your guess of my hacker is as good as mine.

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