How the new pass button works

This new change is not really thought through. 
Let me explain:

  1. Some months ago you removed the “Who’s new” button to prevent new members to be flooded with messages. Now you give us a clear opportunity to only be shown new members in the matchlist: By liking/passing existing members they will disappear —i hope it’s clear to you that through that change only members I haven’t yet liked/passed (who are most probably new) appear.
  2. What sense does it make to have fancy buttons like “filter by question/attractiveness”, etc., when it can’t be applied on 99% of the members you have already either liked/passed?
  3. Why is there a like/pass-button anyway, if liking or passing both take away your possibilities of listing by match-%, last online, etc.?

all of this will lead to:

  1. people will not use the like/pass button any more as it reduces possibilities to filter
  2. people will not pay for A-list any more, as all the fancy possibilities provided are not applicable any more
  3. people who are new are visible for everyone now and will be flooded with messages.

So my question: What’s behind all this?

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