EGEM Update 5–22–2018

Currently we are in era 0.

Solstice: 5001–2,500,000

Plans and goals for this era:

  1. Bring sidechain testnet online.
  2. Develop and deploy bots and contracts.
  3. Facilitate the creation of tokens and dapps.(have some dapps in works. Bounty is live!)
  4. Build community and gather talent.
  5. Have a user input period to sense the direction we should take if ASIC’s become a rampant problem.(continued discussion is always an option)
  6. Build our own custom block explorer and API endpoint.(In progress with a sneak peek!)
  7. OPAL desktop client application alpha out for testing and auditing.(Releasing Alpha wallet tonight 5–22–2018)

Team EGEM has been hard at work the past two weeks since the last weekly update. After a lot of discussion between the team we felt that it was a good time to update the Dev wallets to a multisig wallet. This will help for future growth and security. The team performed testing on a test network and once we felt like the changes were stable and did not cause any issues a block number was decided to update the main chain. At block 350,000 the update went live and the Dev wallets have now been properly updated. Please refer to Github for more detailed information(

Next topic that we have all been wondering about is where is the wallet???? Well we have great news the wallet will be released today. Do note that this is an Alpha release. We already have some plans for the next revision and are looking forward to feedback from the community. As a team we agreed that it was not a great idea to save a key store or PK in the wallet. We believe that it is in the best interest of the user to not have any of that information saved in the background by the wallet. The wallet can be downloaded from github( The instructions are pretty straight forward and really easy to use.

Next topic that we covered in the previous weekly update was a revamp on the explorer. The team has been hard a work revamping the explorer and adding in a custom API for people to use as well. The big buzzword that people will take note on is Richlist. The answer is yes this explorer will have a richlist! Also do note we plan to incorporate tokens that are on the egem network. Enjoy the teaser picture of the current homepage

Hot damn that is a nice homepage to open

The Team has also updated the Dev pool with some new features such as daily hash rate graph that update every 20 minutes and some great stats for the miner. Some stats include estimated 24 hour payments and a full graph showing the last 24 hours hash rate for your miner. This graph really helps to see how stable your rig is.

This concludes the weekly update. Please feel free to join the community!

EGEM Telegram @EGEM_Team