Desperately Seeking Focus

I lack focus.

In fact it’ll be a miracle if I get the end of this piece without giving up and drifting off to do something else.

This lack of focus is something that has dogged me all my life. I’m a relatively smart cookie, but a perennial underachiever. Whenever I start to get good at something, I drift off and fail to put in the hard yards to get really good at it. In my time I’ve been an accountant, a primary school teacher, an adult educator, a web designer and business coach. I have a whole bunch of useful complimentary skills, non of which I am currently utilaising to the max, and non of which fill me with energy.

And therein lies the rub. Focus requires energy and passion — and I’ve been looking to find it in the wrong places!

How do we find the thing that drives us?

Some people are lucky enough to stumble on it early on in life. Me? Not so much. Now, however, I feel a drive to do just that. A drive to find my drive! Just maybe in the process, if I can figure it out for myself, I might be able to help other people in their journey too.

So that’s what this is about — and do you know what? In the time I’ve been rambling here, I haven’t thought about anything else. I’m experiencing a period of focused activity. So, maybe, step one on finding the thing that drives you, is to have a conversation with yourself!

Interestingly I have helped a good number of people to find their way when they’ve come unstuck. I’m a decent listener apparantly. How many of us though, listen to ourselves? We listen to others without judging them, and provide encouragement and support. When it comes to ourselves however, we are so quick to criticise, belittle and judge. If we did that to others, we’d be regarded as abusive.

So, from now on, I’m going to provide myself a supportive shoulder to cry on. Maybe that’ll help in finding my focus at last, if I can stop with the negative self talk!

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