… look like the girl in the movies.

When I was 16 or so I watched a lot of TV (I still do ) and naturally I got most of my inspiration from there. As a result my SI for being a successful grownup was me running around with a clipboard, phone ringing off the hook making sure shit gets done and all the while hair looking fab, lipstick on and makeup in place. And at the end of the day, heading home to my studio apartment, kicking off my heels, dropping on the couch and watching TV. Well, I got it. Not the studio apartment but I got a job like the one in the movies.

I got into event production.

Yes, my phone does ring three quarters of the day, I do run around like a crazy person and we do get shit done (Some times). Only, unlike the girl in the movies you can’t run around all day in heels, your hair isn’t always glammed and you barely have time to wear any make up. So, NO, you can’t look like the girl in the movies. Truthfully? you’re a mess most of the time.

Every time you meet someone new and tell them you’re in event production, you can see the excitement on their faces. As it should be. Only they seem to think that it’s just this really fun gig where you get to party for free all the time. Uuuuuuhhhmmmm, NO, it’s not.

The excitement is there but it is not every day. The ups are really up and the boring days… well let’s just say I can now draw a mean eyeliner wing and the art of contouring is about to be mastered (boredom + Youtube).

There is a crazy amount of work put in. Just think about it, before hosting an event you have to get permits for sound pollution, security and from the city council. If you have lived in Uganda for a while, I am sure you were feeling my pain at the mention of dealing with any of these institutions. Politics in one public service office is one thing but dealing with more than three will take it’s toll.

There are sleepless nights because you’re not sure whether you ordered one tent less than you should have, will the sound check end before people start walking through the door and worst of all, are people going to walk through the door?????

The day to day process that leads to the event is crazy on it’s own without you adding the crazy that is event day.

Every after an event you always get people saying things like” Oh My God, the event must have been so much fun?” I DON’T KNOW!!! I WAS WORKING. See, even if you asked me what it is that we do all day at the event that has my feet sore and why you don’t get a minute to have a meal, let alone enjoy the show, I have no idea. I mean between making sure that all service providers arrive on time and are stationed, seeing to it that the artists have face towels on stage, before you know it the day is gone, the last act is on stage and It’s done .

Don’t get me wrong though, our job is awesome and the glitz and glam is there it’s just not all it is.

But in that moment at the end of the show, when I finally get a minute and the show is at it’s climax and I sneak in a moment to go up on stage and look down at the crowd, I remember why exactly it is that I have the most awesome job in the world. Although the studio apartment would be nice as well :)



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