A Brief Note On Hatching

Inspired by hard deadlines that when meeting them feels like a brain bleed, and 3 hour long distance calls with bff’s that put years of life into perspective. Oh, and gratitude for it all.

Finally An Answer To The Age Old Question: What Comes First, The Chicken or The Egg?

Often times in the moments we are giving birth, are the same moments we are breaking through. It’s less about what comes first, because they typically come simultaneously. Birth and Re-birth. Baby + Breakthrough.

Both, And.

That’s why the creative process is so daunting, and so very few leave the ideating phase. Leaving ideas and entering implementation requires you to level up-mentally, spiritually, and sometimes even physically.

The act of creating is like following a sweet mistress, whispering for you to come closer, and yet still a wee bit closer into a dark and unknown forrest land, until you are being lead into the great abyss that is you.

And as you surface, as you careen just below the surface to the moment you breakthrough, revelation after revelation begin to pour in, A newness is born, ideas are turned into form.

And you….well, you are completely annihilated.

Women reborn into mothers the moment their offspring begin to crown.

The ultimate symbol of life, death, and re-birth, happening all at once.

And so goes creating.

Everything you knew and thought you knew being altered. Forever.

In some cases totally destroyed and re-built, until you are refined and purified, and purified once more by the process,

And ultimately, ready to begin again…

And again…And again.

And so goes an ever evolving life.

One of growth, expansion, and constant evolution.

So to answer the question, What Comes First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

I invite you to reframe the question from either/or and expand it into both/and.

Juxtaposed ever so gracefully, and living as opposites, side by side.