Hen. Luna Critique Paper

The filmmaker wanted to show us that bravery is not enough. One must be willing to die for his or her country. I mean, business doesn’t really have anything to do with this, but if you fight for your country, that’s what’s more important. In exchange for freedom, you must trade your life for it. In the film, we saw Hen. Luna as an honorable man. The politicians in the film call him a war monger, an abusive, and an arrogant individual. That’s what they think, but to us, it was something else. His bravery on the battlefield inspired me to stand for my country. As we have seen in the film when he made a reckless charge toward the American soldiers on a horse. Later his fellow men followed him on the battlefield. No matter how many Americans are out in the battlefield, he’s not willing to go down without a fight. For me, the film was inspiring. It’s easy to serve your country, but it’s hard to die for it. Sometimes, you have to make difficult situations for the good of all. Hen. Luna said, that we are our greatest enemies. That line meant something to me. It means that before we deal with others, we must deal with ourselves first. All in all, it was a very inspiring film. It’s a must watch for Filipinos. The film was more of a social art. For me, the Hen. Luna film was something that inspired me to serve my country even more. I don’t know about how the others who’ve watched this film, but I’m pretty sure that it had a huge impact on them. I mean, who wouldn’t love having that kind of honor? Honor in terms of bravery. As I’ve said earlier, for the good of the country and its people, you must trade your life for it. Experiences, again it was inspiring. The ending of the film had a huge impact on me. There we see some of the Filipino soldiers killing Hen. Luna. That was very inhuman. How could they? After all the hardships he’s done, and that’s how they repay him? He was right. Our greatest enemy is ourselves. We’re too focused on ourselves rather than our country. Aren’t we a part of it? If you kill your own hero, what would feel? You’ll just regret it in the end, and the only one to blame is none other than yourself. For me, I think Joven Hernandez Jr. represents unity. For me, it’s like he’s the one who’ll unite all Filipinos to stand up for their own country. He’s someone who questions why are we fighting among ourselves? Aren’t we Filipinos? That was my impression of him in the film. He’s got a point. We must be one for the greater good of the motherland. Before I end this critique paper, I would just want to ask, what do you think? Would you rather serve yourself? or would you serve your country? The choice is all yours.

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