My 3rd Mountain Climb

Me enjoying the view

Today, I’ve conquered Mount Talamitan in Nasugbu, Batangas. I’ve gotta say, it wasn’t that hard. The route was okay, but there are some points that require awareness like the path with a bridge on it. It was scary because when you look on both sides, you’ll see a river with big, sharp rocks on each side. Trust me, it was scary. Next, we came across a hill leading to the summit. You can even run on it, but make sure you don’t step on poop. Going up to the summit was the hardest part. So many rocks everywhere, and one wrong move may cost everything. I slipped along the path, but I was saved by the grass around me. It took 2 hours going up, and 1 hour going down. It was fun, and all. I wish I can climb more mountains :)

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