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As we enter the last quarter of 2017, now is as good a time as any to reflect on what we’ve witnessed with respect to global attitude in relation to and the maturity of digital assets. Whilst the price of bitcoin and ether currently trade at approximately USD 3700 and USD 280 respectively, their collective value has increased by over 450% since the beginning of the year. Total market capitalization of the entire digital assets sector has increased by over USD 100bn, rising from USD 17.7bn to USD 129.1bn over the same period. At Octagon Strategy, our trading volume has experienced a significant rise of 1935% since our launch in Q3 2016.

I have always defined bitcoin (and a select few of its smaller market-cap peers) as “the world’s largest experiment.” However, I do feel this characterization is wearing thin — at what point do the detractors concede that digital assets will revolutionize our lives much in the same way the Internet has.

When my two co-founders and I left our banking careers in 2013 to embark on a venture dedicated to digital assets and blockchain-based technologies, some of our former colleagues found it a surprising move. A decision to leave a respected investment banking profession to concentrate on “magical Internet money” was incomprehensible by many, and yet, this year has witnessed more institutional capital flow into bitcoin and ether assets than ever before. The anticipation of this institutional flow is one of the primary reasons Octagon Strategy Limited was established.

Bitcoin is arguably losing part of its libertarian affiliation (whilst vitally important to acknowledge its legacy) and in its place garnering continued appeal from investment banks, funds, asset managers, family offices and private banks. And though a prominent CEO of one of the largest banks in the world recently denounced bitcoin as “a fraud” and that he would fire any of his staff for trading in bitcoin, it was discovered days after such remarks that his clients felt very differently, with several acquiring substantial positions in Bitcoin XBT, an exchange-traded note designed to track the value of bitcoin.

Further qualifying the demand from institutions, I have been invited to present to senior banking staff and their clients on bitcoin (note: not blockchain) over the past few months in Hong Kong with numerous international sessions confirmed in the coming weeks. I also had the pleasure of being interviewed on Bloomberg TV Asia.

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Octagon Strategy’s Head Trader, Ryan Rabaglia, shares the bullish sentiment pertaining to bitcoin and I encourage you to follow his market insights here.

Finally, it brings me great pleasure to announce the expansion of the Octagon Strategy team and its relocation into new, larger office spaces. Effective today, the Octagon Strategy team is now located at:

5th Floor, CNT Tower
338 Hennessy Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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We welcome you to schedule an appointment to visit our new headquarters. Please kindly update the banking details you hold on file to reflect our updated address; formal notification of the change will be forthcoming.

On behalf of myself and the Octagon Strategy team, I’d like to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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Managing Director at Octagon Strategy Limited (@OctFinancial ), a privately-owned company specializing in commodity and digital asset trading.

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