Tiny Actions That Screams!

It’s true that action speaks louder than words but what do we do about those small gestures that screams muffled meanings.

If there is something I totally suck at that’s reading those small, kind gestures that are directed towards me. I can’t seem to understand some of the reason behind it. It would rather mislead me to a different idea.

You see I’m pretty good when comes to deflecting all those negative vibes thrown at but I get easily confused when I receive kindness. Given my tactless, straight forward, sometimes rude personality I expect nothing of that sort. Now what I’m trying to avoid here is making any weird assumption cause that will totally embarrassing nut I also want to know why. I needed to do something just give myself some peace of mind so here are my options:

  1. Enjoy- Just cherish the moment, make whatever assumption you have cause its fine just be brave enough to accept it if your thoughts are wrong. Enjoy it while it lasts
  2. Look Back- Go and retrace your actions maybe there you can find the reason why you receive such gestures. Maybe you unconsciously did something nice and actually deserve to be treated this way.

3. Filter it Out- If you are the kind who just can’t keep you mind shut but is too shy to ask then this is for you. Filtering your thoughts by separating your desires from what’s really going on will help keep your reality intact and sane.

4. Ask- The simplest yet hardest option. You ought to be brave to accept the real answer if you want to do this but hey at least you will finally understand it so why not?


All questions need some answer but as to when and how it will depend on who is asking. Just be prepared, open minded accept the answers and things will fine.