Un-Awkward the Moment

It’s inevitable that there will always be an awkward air whenever you see the previous guy you’ve dated is now with your “FRIEND”.

This is the current scenario my friend is experiencing right now. I had this friend at work who wanted to be called “Ms. Matampuhin” and she kept on asking on what can she do about this. The worse thing about this is that they work together on one production so they almost see each other on a daily basis. So, here’s her question “How does one get out of that awkward moment?”

Before I answer that let’s try to define “AWKWARD”. Based on my friend Merriam Webster awkward means

1 a : lacking dexterity or skill (as in the use of hands) I’m awkward with a needle and thread.

b : showing the result of a lack of expertness an awkward attempt awkward pictures

2 a : lacking ease or grace (as of movement or expression) awkward writing

b : lacking the right proportions, size, or harmony of parts : ungainly an awkward design

3 a : lacking social grace and assurance an awkward newcomer

b : causing embarrassment an awkward moment

4: not easy to handle or deal with : requiring great skill, ingenuity, or care an awkward load an awkward diplomatic situation

I think Ms. Matampuhin is experiencing something of the latter part. From what she told me she’s totally over the guy but she just can’t take the fact that for a short period “He” was able to put a label on this other girl already when for the past 6 months they’ve been dating he can’t do it with her.

I totally get her point but hey love moves in mysterious ways, right?

And so, here’s what I asked her: -her answers

  1. Do you still like him? -Yes
  2. Do you want to get him back? -NO
  3. Do you want to get back at him? -No
  4. Do you want to do something about this? -Yes, but I don’t know what
  5. If ever you will do something about this do you think something will change -No
  6. Do you think you will gain something from this? -No

So, after a series of question I was able to make her think for a while. See here’s the common mistake people do. People always waste their efforts and ruin their brain cells thinking about things that they cannot change, things that even if it changes it will never do you any good. I told her to think of things that will help her instead. She then asked me to give her “Options”. Just so you guys know I don’t like making decisions for other people. What I like is making people think so I give “Options” instead. I also like things to be dramatic so I gave her these options:

Option #1 The Evil Package- Let them feel the awkwardness instead. Make yourself prettier. Hang out with some common friends. Open things about the two of you and act as if nothing happened, as if it was nothing but an old and fun memory.

Option #2 The Elsa Moment- LET IT GO! You’ve lost it already so why hold on?

Option #3 The Boy Abunda Package- KAIBIGAN USAP TAYO! Nothing can’t be fixed by a good conversation. This one of the things that I believe. It helps you release everything that’s in your mind but this is also the most difficult option of them all. One must have a lot of courage to initiate it, must be in total control of their thoughts and also one must know how to listen and respect. Conversation is a two-way action, one must give and one must take then take turns.

These are basically the options that came up with. Whatever she chose it will help her I’m pretty sure of it.


Sometimes it’s all in the mind. It became awkward because there are things behind our minds the gives us a different perspective of what’s really going on. Sometimes we like to look at things that can actually be avoided. So, I say let’s stop looking back at start moving forward and do better things so we can all be happy.