Getting out of my own head.

I’ve seriously dropped the ball on this self-documentation of my graduate school experience. I haven’t posted anything for three weeks. I was trying to make sure that I would write so I could do more research, and learn new things. I’m going to be better I promise. And that’s not just for my reader, (thanks Mom, you’re the best! ❤) but for myself too. And the whole research thing, probably not going to happen right now. I have so much else going on in my little corner of the universe. Many people have already told me I’m spreading myself too thin. But obviously I’m doing alright. Kicking ass in grad school, and shooting weddings, and flying, and teaching; ok, maybe I am making life harder for myself than it needs to be. But why?? I’m notorious for it.

Here’s why, I can’t stand doing nothing. Ok, yeah, I’m guilty of spending an entire day in my bed watching Netflix, but I deserve a break every once in awhile! Half the reason I started grad school was because I needed to be challenged. I wasn’t using my brain to the capacity I felt it could be used. I needed to challenge myself. Most of all, I needed guidance.

So here I am, again, starting over, on a fresh clean slate. Sundays after homework is done, write a story. I may actually start writing actual stories, about something meaningful. Because life is beautiful, and I need to celebrate the good happening around me, I need to get out of my head for awhile.

Next week, something substantial, worth your reading time, I promise.

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