Why I started writing (again)?

When it comes to expressing, some do better with their eyes, some with their speech and some with their writings. — Self

I am good at neither of them. At least not until now. But I seriously wanted to get back to my long gone hobby of writing.

“Oh, long gone? Why did I say long gone?” That’s because as a kid I used to write stuff. Create stuff to be more precise. I designed characters, wrote stories around them and narrated them to my cousins. Those days, I had turned the mainstream Rabbit & Turtle story into something more interesting that people didn't get bored of.

But things changed. As I grew up that part shaded away from my routine. I didn’t had much time as I did as a kid. Or was I just telling sick excuses to myself whenever I feel like writing…!?

It didn’t took more than a minute to realize that the latter was true & when it did, my inner self no longer stayed in terms with me and started to rebel against.

It shouted — “Dude cut the crap! You have time for Facebook, you have time to hangout, you even have time to read. But you don’t have time to write? Not cool, not at all cool.”

I felt guilty, pretty bad. That immediate instant I took my laptop out, opened a browser window and started typing `fa`. Browser autocomplete had already done its job by showing that freakishly addictive website. But that’s not why I opened this time. I hit my head hard (that did hurt!) and started searching for blogging platforms.

Choosing one is difficult these days! But not for me. I read many good posts on medium.com and felt that’s where mine should go too.

Oh wait — did I say medium.com? — I guess, I already have an account in it.
When did I created it? — Right, the last time when I felt like writing.

It took a bit of time figuring out on which email-id I have created the account but yeah finally succeeded.

Now that the painter himself is ready and the canvas is setup, then came the most difficult part. What to paint? Or to put in literal terms, what to write?

Thoughts! My mind started thinking from “What to write? Where to start? Can I even write?” to “What am I eating for dinner? Where am I going this weekend? When did that insect came to my room?”. And to be honest, I can go on for a few hours about the stuff that came into my mind during this period.

But one thought out of all of them is recurring. — “Firsthand, Why did I stopped writing?”

Is it fear of criticism? Or am I expecting too much from my writings? Or did I felt it as a dying habit and waste of time? I honestly don’t know. And I do not want to. All I want to do is to write. And the best I can write at the moment is to share the whole turn of events that made me to do this.

If someone says you suck at breathing, will you stop it? Same with writing too.

I may suck at writing. But I do not want that as a reason to stop doing it. Let me start something and bring back this beautiful & nostalgic hobby of mine to life again.

To many such great writings in future! Cheers & stay tuned!

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